along with unparalleled efficiency and functionality
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Paring KnivesChef’s Paring Knife 4 in. cook’s knife6 in. Tramontina USA, Inc is a leading manufacturer of cutlery which was founded over 90 years ago by an Italian immigrant. Utility KnifeOne 8 in. The Tramontina professional series cutlery is considered as top of the line cutlery sets. Cutlery Set with Block TRA-M-400-05Price: $119Set Includes:Solid oak counter block6 in. Steak KnivesOne 8 in. Boning KnifeOne 4 in. Utility KnifeOne 8 in. Peeling Knife 3 in. carving knife8 in. Steak KnivesOne 6 in. Chef’s Paring KnifeSix 5 in.75 in.Professional Forged CutleryoProfessional Chef’s KnivesChef’s Knife 8 in.125 by 4. Cutlery Set TRA-M-400-15Price: $329. cook’s knife8 in. Chef’s Knife 6 in. Carving Knife10 in. Their products ensure ease, comfort and maximum performance.6 poundsSize.

Their knives are traditionally designed and are most preferred by chefs worldwide. All cutlery sets are specially formulated in order to meet the hygienic requirements of food processing. Cutlery Set TRA-80019-06Price: $59. Then again, the permanent bonding system can intercept any gaps and even discourage the accumulation of bacteria. Chef’s KnifeSolid Oak Counter BlockKitchen ShearsoTramontina Colorado Professional 13 pc. Chef’s Knife 10 in. Professional Series- Forged Stainless Steel Cutlery Block SetsoTramontina Professional Cutlery 4-Piece Steak Knife SetPrice Alloy Steel Casting Factory range: $99. sharpening steeloTramontina 7 pc.95Features:§Attractive red polywood handle§Dishwasher safe§Precise grinding technique double edge serration§Heavy-gauge§Special mirror finish§Break proof§Resistant to food acid§Have a full taper groundSet includes:six 5 in. One 4 in. Serrated SlicerOne 10 in. boning knife10 in. This creates a perfect balance in handling cutting jobs. Each piece of knife is honed to create a long lasting edge and then securing a blocked wood.

Boning Knife8 in. roast slicersix 5 in. Carving KnifeOne 6 in. chef’s paring knife8 in. Chef’s Paring Knife 6 in. Chef’s ParingOne 6 in. Cook’s KnifeOne 10 in.95Set includes:Six 5 in.95Set includes: (4) 5 inches Serrated Steak KnivesSolid Oak Counter BlockoTramontina Professional 5 pc. The company continues to emerge a wide range professional cutlery sets, along with unparalleled efficiency and functionality. steak knives3 in. Tramontina cutlery blades possess satin finish and are made from high carbon chrome molybdenum steel. chef’s paring8 in. Its handles are ergonomically designed and molded with nylon Alloy Steel Casting Factory injects onto its tang which is around stainless steel rivets. Sharpening SteelOne Solid Oak Counter BlockAbout Author David H.Warranty: 25 years limitedoTramontina Professional Cutlery 9-Piece Block SetPrice range: $209- $249Set includes:4 in.

Serrated SlicerOne Kitchen ShearsOne 10 in. Urmann :. utility knife8 in. Paring Knife 3 in.Below are some of the professional knife sets. cook’s knifeoTramontina 5 pc. Their components are reliable and are solidly joined through the use of the so-called micro welding technology.875 by 15.Tramontina is currently one of the worlds leading manufacturers of houseware and cutlery products. Knife Set (clear window gift box)Price range: $95-$130Set includes:6 in. utility knife4 in. Cutlery Set TRA-M-400-07Price: $199Set includes: One Solid Oak Counter Block. sharpening steel6 in. paring knife8 in. Cook’s KnifeOne 8 in. Serrated Slicer10 in. boning knifeKitchen shearsHardwood counter blockoTramontina Professional 15 pc. Moreover, an advanced ice-hardening process can contribute onto the cutting edge performance and sharpening durability of cutlery products. It also provides maximum performance and durability, especially when used under tremendous conditions. Sharpening SteelProduct Dimensions: 8. Tramontina products represent a high-level of quality, craftsmanship and reasonable value to its consumers. These stainfree blades have been hot-dropped forged. steak knives8 in. Tramontina products offer European designs and the finest materials for everyday usage. Utility Knife6 in. slicer4 in. Carving KnifeOne 10 in. Sharpening Steel8 in.

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